Huggle "Homie"

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Made all over from cuddly warm Lampskin-Fleece and with its proven generous cut, the Huggle "Homie" is optimised for home use with a single back section and cuddly tie belt.

For warm feet even on cold floors, the cushion back is reinforced with Softshell.

Whether at your desk, on the couch or walking around your flat - Feel at home in the Huggle "Homie"!


S : ≦ 1.40 m ≺ 1.60 m

M : ≦ 1.60 m ≺ 1.80 m

L : ≦ 1.80 m ≺ 2.05 m

The huggle is very generously cut, so it fits every possible body type. For a comfortable sleeping bag function a sufficient length is crucial.

Machine washable at 40 ° C.

Material: 100% polyester

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