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Huggle "Homie"

Huggle "Homie"

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Made entirely of cuddly warm lambskin fleece and with a tried and tested generous cut , the Huggle " Homie " is optimized for home use with a simple backrest and a snug tie belt . The back of the cushion is reinforced with softshell to keep your feet warm even on cold floors . Whether at your desk , on the couch or out and about in your apartment - you'll always be perfectly warm at home in the Huggle " Homie "!

The Huggle is cut very generously so that it fits as many body types as possible. The sleeves are designed to be long so that you can wrap your hands in them or alternatively fold them up . A sufficient length is crucial for the comfortable sleeping bag function .


Size S :  1.40m1.60m

Size M :  1.60m1.80m

Size L : ≦ 1.80 m ≺ 2.05 m

care instructions

The Huggle is machine washable at 40°C .


100% polyester


Each Huggle was manufactured under fair conditions in Poland.

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